Erector Certification

SBC Building Systems offers erector certification training. The objective of the factory sponsored erector certification program is to assure that certified erectors are trained and available in compliance with the mandatory SSR erection procedures and weather-tightness warranty requirements.

All factory issued weather-tightness warranty projects require installation by a factory certified erector in order to meet basic warranty requirements. In addition, this program has been designed and developed to cover the following additional erector-focused subjects:

  • Overview of the Basic building erection techniques and critical elements required for fundamental successful erection
  • SSR roof system erection principles
  • Factory sponsored or factory supported Warranties
  • Completed Building Maintenance – after erection is completed
  • Systems Construction Energy Code Compliance Module
  • Energy Code Compliance for Metal Building Systems(MBMA)

Seminars are limited to a maximum number of participating erection representatives in order to maintain the close involvement of all participants in the classroom and installation lab sessions. Seminars are offered at various times throughout the year. By having your most widely used erectors successfully complete the factory sponsored certification program this will position you to meet the demands of these specifications, as well as position your erector to perform at a much greater degree of reliability particularly on the SSR roof system applications.

All classes are held at the factory located in Ambridge, PA.

Sample Agenda

There is a program application fee that will be applied to the costs of the program that includes the use of the DI Seamer during the hands-on laboratory sessions and a certificate of completion presented upon completion of the course.Please contact SBC Building Systems factory for more details or to sign up for this great learning opportunity. – 1.800.937.1452