Panel Rib Wall Covering System

The Panel Rib Wall Covering System consists of the exterior wall panels, panel attachments, wall accessories, sealants, mastics, trim and flashing as required.

The Panel Rib Wall System provides 36″ [915 mm.] wide net coverage and has 1 3/16″ [30 mm.] high major ribs at 12″ [305 mm.] on center with minor ribs spaced between the major ribs. Sidelaps are at least one full major rib. All wall panels are continuous from floor to eave, except where the length exceeds 41’ [12,500 mm.] or otherwise becomes prohibitive for handling purposes, in which case, endlaps are provided. Endlaps are 4″ [102 mm.] overlap and occur at a support member. Panel Rib Wall Panels are 26 gage as standard with 24 gage available and are one of the following: Galvalume steel, Galvanized steel

G60 coating designation with or without SP20 or KXL pre-painted finishes.

Panel Rib Wall Systems consist of Panel Rib wall panels and attachments to secondary structural members, sealants, mastics, closures and trim and/or flashings necessary to provide weather-tightness and/or finished appearance. Optional wall accessories and optional insulating systems consisting of 2″ [51 mm.], 3″ [77 mm.] or 4″ [102 mm.] of blanket insulation or up to 2 ½” [64 mm.] of rigid board insulation are available. Panel Rib wall systems may be used with all roof panel systems.

The sidewall panel may be crimped at the base and/or notched at the eave to match the roof sheeting configuration. Optional wall accessories include: translucent wall panels, service doors, fixed or operable wall louvers, windows and framed openings.