Technical Engineering

Our licensed engineers provide technical and professional expertise that assures that building designs are consistent with the purchase order definition and meet or exceed building load and code criteria. All final designs are professionally stamped and sealed for the state in which they will be delivered in the USA or for the country/code conditions on an international basis.

Mexico Production

SBC Building Systems is one of the few US companies certified in Mexico. Our facility can coordinate all your building projects in Southwest US and throughout Mexico.

International Experience

SBC Building Systems offers in-country support with US-based technical expertise.
We offer:

  • Mexican fabrication in 100,000 sq. ft. facility producing primary and secondary structural framing with capacity up to 250 tons per week. Able to adjust capacity to add multiple shifts when required. Certified AIS AC–472 operated by US technology.
  • India technical and engineering services are equivalent to US project detailing and design review.
  • South American manufacturing capabilities. Alliances in place in Argentina, Brazil and Chili allows for the manufacturing of buildings on a project-by-project basis in the region when required. Technical engineering services remain located and managed from the United States.
  • Mexican and Canadian presence and in-country sales.


  • SBC Building Systems manufactures an average of over 1400 building a year for a wide variety of applications in both domestic and international markets.
  • Whether it is a new facility, the expansion of an existing building, or an industrial warehouse, we offer options to fit any customer.
  • Our full capability allows us to process buildings on the MBMA complexity scale from 1-10.


Our recognized accreditations include:

  • IAS AC-472
  • Canadian A-660
  • AWS
  • CWS
  • MBMA
  • International Code Compliance in multiple countries